This is a test blog.


This is a test blog with a YouTube video included -

Empower Network Review - Concrete Proof..


The Ultimate Empower Network Review – Ranking Case Study

So, you’re looking for a review of Empower Network – you look on Google and get the same old “join now, make bank” type of blog posts by affiliates.

They tell you how great the products are, they say the blog is a SEO dream and they also talk about the insane income you can make.

But where’s the proof?

In this post I aim to show you that the blog does in-fact rank – which will show you that you too can get results blogging, but I also want to stop the “the blog doesn’t rank hur derr” comments I see everywhere.

Note – I know a lot about SEO – but that’s OK since Empower teach you the same tips and tricks that I’m using. Also, if you join my team – I’ll show you EXACTLY how I did this (in a true, case-study format).

So let’s begin.

Keyword I’m targeting - Empower Network Review (duh).

This is a pretty competitive keyword. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind for most people to blog about is this topic so it’s gonna be difficult – however the superior “Power-Blog” should do the trick, right?

Current Ranking (as of 14-09-2013) N/A

<I will insert a video case-study breakdown here once complete>

Random video for now -

Note – this review is going is a case study showing how/if the “Viral Blogging System” ranks. If you would like to read my in-depth review of the products etc please click here

Your favourite SEO Aficionado,
- Josh Monroe.

Quick Income Review


Quick Commissions Review – Is Quick Commissions by Andrew X and Winter Valko a Scam?

Online Marketers Group Review


Hey, Josh Monroe here and this is where I will be posting my Online Marketers Group Review on Thursday June 27th as soon as the product launches.

At the moment I’m testing out some of my new SEO strategies to see how well I can get this to rank, so ignore what you see now and come Thursday I should (hopefully) have my review posted!

Take care,


Info Cash Review


Info Cash Review – What is it?

There are three “Phases” taught inside the Info Cash members area which are as follows -

Phase One - Here we will learn how to become a profitable affiliate marketer, and how we can make some serious bank in the process. Here we learn some “Secrets” that even the most advanced marketer won’t know. It offers a fresh look at affiliate  marketing instead of the “tired” old route such as blogging and so on.

Phase Two - Here we begin to lay the foundations for the final phase. This section teaches us how to build an email list and how to create a WordPress blog. We also learn various techniques such as copywriting and tracking to ensure we make the most money possible with our campaigns.

Phase Three - Once we’ve laid the foundations of being a profitable affiliate (and banked a ton od dough in the process) the final step of our journey takes us into product creation. Chris shares with us his exact secrets and tips that made his previous product “Google Cash” and number one hit on ClickBank selling over 30,000 units. If you thought the money you were making as an affiliate was big, just wait until you launch your own product, it’s like a licences to print money!

Interested? You should be! This is something that you can use and set-up today, and see results with tomorrow!

–> Click here to find out more <–

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